Chinle, AZ Canyon de Chelly National Park


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There are ancient Navajo homes (cliff dwellings) and beautiful views of the canyon, similar to Grand Canyon.  There are overlook drives with possible Navajo guides to accompany one down in the canyon.  Cottonwood Campground is in the park area with a 40 ft maximum RV spaces.  You can view the area is 2 hours, 1/2 day or stay a day or two to hike the canyon.  A wonderful destination.

There are over 2700 archaeological sites within the many canyons of Canyon de Chelly National Monument. Only 13 of the 700 standing ruins have been stabilized, re-inforced, or protected from degradation. We are professional Navajo guides who can teach you the history of our canyons and about the Ancestrial Pueblo (Anasazi), Hopi and Navajo peoples. We pride ourselves in offering you more than just viewing our scenery – but we can do this too!

Canyon de Chelly National Monument is located in the heartland of the great Navajo Nation. Monument Valley, Chaco Canyon, Mesa Verde, Sedona, Lake Powell and the majestic Grand Canyon are just a day’s drive from us. Book a tour with us today!


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Chinle (pronounced "Chin Lee") is located in the north eastern part of Arizona. It doesn't have an address as such.Arizona

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