Shark's Restaurant---Newport, Oregon


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Take a close look at who’s in this photo.

Compact bayside locale offering a variety of fish specialties made from old-fashioned steam cookers.

Sharks Cioppino Sauce. the best we ever had

Inspired by an old tradition “Sharks Cioppino Sauce imparts the flavor you all have been looking for. The balance of spice both sweet and tart is immediately noticed. Made from hand-picked produce, imported tomatoes, red wine and wholesome ingredients. This heavy-bodied marinara based sauce comes to you fresh. Made exclusively by hand in small batches. Available in durable attractive stand-up pouches. Use creatively as you would with any Italian red sauce or use for world class Seafood Cioppino No preservatives No gluten

Contributor:  Roy Warren

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852 SW Bay Blvd, Newport, OR 97365Oregon

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