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Posted 7 months ago

Submitted by Mandy Canalas Winchester Bay, Oregon Great place to spend the night, there are two nice RV parks and non-electric camping on the piers....

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Posted 8 months ago

Newport, Oregon, and Pacific Shores RV Resort, is our home away from home. On any given summer day it is usually the coolest place in...

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Posted 2 months ago

Submitted by - Sandy Brown To travel the Icefields Parkway is to experience one of Canada's national treasures and most rewarding destinations. Stretching 232km (144mi.) through...

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Posted 1 month ago

With 300 miles of shoreline, you can watch a sunrise and a sunset over the water without leaving the county. See thousands of acres of...

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Posted 8 months ago

A short trip north from Newport, Oregon is Depoe Day. The entrance to the harbor from the ocean passes under the highway into a completely...

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Posted 4 months ago

Coachella Valley is a very interesting place to visit.  The valley can be very hot in the summer with temperatures reaching as high as 110...

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Posted 2 months ago

Submitted by, Johm Shurtz - The Cussler Museum is dedicated to the preservation of astounding rare and vintage automobiles from all over the world. This...

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Posted 3 weeks ago

There are ancient Navajo homes (cliff dwellings) and beautiful views of the canyon, similar to Grand Canyon.  There are overlook drives with possible Navajo guides...

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